About The Project

DSC2451-low-res-199x300One of the world’s most environmentally responsible power plants

The proposed 250 megawatt Solar Dawn power plant is the preferred solar thermal power project in Round 1 of the Australian Government’s Solar Flagships Program.

The proposed project, to be built near Chinchilla in South West Queensland, will:

  • provide clean and safe energy
  • use Australia’s abundant solar resource
  • offer an international showcase for utility scale, standalone CLFR power projects
  • contribute to a sustainable solar industry in Australia
  • position Australia as a global leader in utility-scale solar thermal power generation
  • provide significant local employment and training opportunities
  • involve a long-term research collaboration with The University of Queensland.

Solar Dawn will generate clean power with zero emissions and will be an international showcase using Australia’s abundant solar resource and AREVA Solar’s Australian-pioneered Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology.

Once completed, the proposed project will be one of the largest of its kind and one of the most environmentally responsible power production plants in the world.

The project consists of approximately 450 hectares of infrastructure including a ‘solar field’ containing the mirrors and steam boiler tubes, and a ‘power block’ with the steam turbine generators and ancilliary equipment.

It is expected that the proposed project will commence operation in early 2015 following a three-year construction timeframe.